SUNDAY, JULY 5, 2009

I observe greedy people on an almost daily basis. Greed can be as simple as taking something small without considering that somebody else may want to share in it; it can be an assumption of entitlement to something small or large, or it can be a blatant taking of something large. When i see greed i always stop and observe the person in their act of greed. They become consumed by the material item they must possess, whether it be money, a sports car or even a box of cookies. Thier facial expression change during the act of greed as if some foreign energy has consumed them. When i feel their energy of greed, it is a very negative energy that physically exhausts the person. Greed is an energy so negative it can consume a person. So if you are a greedy person, stop. By giving off the negative energy of greed, you can only attract negative energy into your body and spirit. Become a giving person and enjoy the bliss of positive energy.