Three types of Divorce Attorneys


During my career as a divorce attorney, i have noticed three types of divorce attorneys. There is only one type that is good for you and your family.

The first one would be somebody who is lazy and just not a good attorney. This type of attorney will harm you by not protecting your rights or failing to obtain a result (via agreement or trial) that will benefit you.

The second is a smart attorney, but this type is just interested in proving to you that he or she can "win" no matter the financial or emotional devastation to you or your family. This type of attorney thinks they are "winning" something by getting something your spouse wanted in written form (agreement or court order) although nobody won anything due to the emotional and financial devastation to your family. There are no "winners" in a divorce.

You need to avoid the first two types of attorneys at all costs. Talk to your friends and family with their experiences with divorce attorneys.

The third type of attorney is smart, competent, enjoys his or her job, and understands there are no "winners" in a divorce. If two spouses are halfway reasonable, your case should be settled. A trial should be a definite option to obtain your reasonable goals, but only an option of last resort. Be careful, as you only have one chance to do your divorce right. Doing it wrong will affect you for a lifetime, and possibly your children.