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It has definitely become a thing in the early 21st century. If you haven't already discovered podcasting, you may want to look into it. Not so long ago, when broadcasting and the Apple ipod had a love child, and the podcast was born. Today you can find programming for anything you can think of, from true crime to sports to self help. Amazingly, podcasts are still free, although making a personal monetary donation helps fund the programs you like and is just a good thing to do. We’ve listed here a few drive-time gems for you—the tip of the iceberg in the expansive, addictive universe of streaming digital audio.

There are dozens of producers of podcasts now and they are easy to find online or at the app store. Just type in “podcasts” and a subject, title, or host name.

You can listen and learn while you drive, work, relax or cook dinner. Many podcasts are produced in series, downloadable as digital audio files right to your phone or computer. When you subscribe to a podcast, new installments will be automatically available on your smart phone or computer.

You can easily share podcasts or unsubscribe at any time. It’s good to periodically delete files you’ve already listened to, as they can fill up your device rather quickly.