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FEED YOUR BRAIN .. Improve your outlook .. while you drive or cook

It’s definitely A THING now. If you haven't already discovered the fascinating universe of thought-provoking, entertaining and hilarious streaming audio programs, aka ‘podcasts,’ you don't know what you're missing. Listed above are a few drive-time gems from the ‘self-help genre’. There is a podcast to enhance your understanding of virtually any subject that interests you. Just type the podcast title or any subject into your browser.

Podcasts have exploded in the last few years with more and better options available every day. There is literally something for everyone. Best of all, they are free, although making a personal monetary donation helps fund the programs you like and is just a good thing to do.

You can listen and learn while you drive, work, relax or cook dinner. Most podcasts sound like radio talk shows. They are produced in series and are downloadable as digital audio files. Subscribe to a podcast and new installments will be automatically available on your smart phone or computer.

You can find podcasts at the app store or on iTunes, or simply google "podcasts" and a subject (for example "divorce podcasts") and you'll find many sources. PRI and PRX are an increasingly good source.

Be sure to delete the files periodically, as podcasts files can fill up your device. And remember .. don't believe everything you hear!