You may need the services of a 'Standard of Care' Expert Witness

There is no question that divorce is an increasingly specialized and complex legal arena in which legitimate malpractice occurs. In my legal practice, I have represented well over 1,000 individuals who have hired me to manage their divorce and family law matters. I have come to know divorce law inside and out and continue to grow personally and professionally along with my practice. This happens every single day when I go to work for my clients. Based on my knowledge and what has become a considerable range of experience, I am asked to serve as an 'expert witness' or 'Standard of Care Witness' in significant malpractice actions involving negligent divorce attorneys in Florida. Unfortunately, these circumstances are not uncommon.

Legitimate Divorce Malpractice

You may have a cause of action if you were legitimately misrepresented in your divorce by an attorney who lacks experience, education, knowledge or certification in divorce or family law. It takes considerable expertise, time and money to prove divorce malpractice, and it makes you think twice about what it takes to hire a 'good attorney.' I have seen more than a few so-called 'divorce attorneys' prove they are not so good at what they do for a living. 

In the divorce malpractice lawsuits that go to trial, the courts listen to the expert opinion of a "standard of care witness" (such as myself). Other economic or medical professionals are also asked to evaluate and confirm negligence, proving that you have been unfairly or economically harmed by your divorce attorney's lack of experience or education. These matters can include the following disputes: 

  • You were awarded insufficient alimony due to your divorce attorney's miscalculations, misinformation or negligence due to lack of experience or education in marital and family law

  • You have been adversely affected by improper child support calculations

  • You have been adversely affected by unfair or improper time-share schedules

  • You were not reembursed or compensated for 'family gifts or loans' transacted during your marriage

  • You have been adversely affected by improper pension calculations

  • You have been hit with unexpected tax consequences due to hidden funds or miscalculation of income or improper business valuations or pensions