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Douglas Kneller holds multiple marital and family law certifications in the state of Florida.

  • Board Certification by the Florida Bar in Marital and Family Law; 1995-present

  • Board Certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy in Family Trial Law; 2015-present

  • Certified as a Family Mediator by the Supreme Court of Florida in 2004 (inactive)*

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In Florida, (and other states) Board Certification encourages attorneys to hone their skills and satisfy requirements for continuing legal education in practice and professionalism. Certification recognizes an attorneys’ special area of knowledge, skills and proficiency. Board certification helps consumers, promotes ethical practice and helps identify specialists in various areas of law.  

The Family Law Section of the court provides (to its members and the public) information about attorneys who practice in the area of divorce, parenting and timesharing matters, adoption, prenuptial and postnuptial contracts and modification and enforcement of judgments, including those which involve alimony and child support. Family law includes the legal issues that arise from the relationships of husband and wife, and parents and children, and the litigation and resolution of civil controversies which are brought forth as a result of those relationships. Marital and family law involves evaluating, managing, and resolving conflicts before the institution of lawsuits, both pre- and post judgment, as well as the pretrial and trial process.

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I am a Buddhist. The buddhist philosopy is about winning and losing and is often misunderstood.

My daughter is soon to graduate college (suma cum laude) in New York City. She studies politics and democracy at NYU.

I enjoy hot yoga and hotdogs at Wrigley Field.

There is nothing that bothers me more than one human being taking advantage of another human being.

I have neck and back issues due to an accident as a teenager and extreme sports.

I am a worker bee.

I am direct and honest.

Although it is better to resolve your case, if necessary, I will work until our last breath of air getting it right.

One of my goals in life comes to me through what I do for a living; that I will be able to change one person's life that in affect will help greater humanity.

There is nothing that bothers me more than onehuman being taking advantage of another human being.

I am very sensitive to the energy of people and therefore prefer not to attend social events.

My chosen charity is Children's International. You, too, can donate: www.children.org

I am a licensed, private pilot.

You can TEXT me 24/7 at (386) 212-2799 .. I prefer texting.