Podcasts .. listen and learn

Recommendations from the law office of DOUGLAS KNELLER .. ifloridadivorce.com


FEED YOUR BRAIN. Improve your outlook while you drive or work

If you haven't already explored the universe of fascinating, thought-provoking, entertaining and hilarious FREE audio programs, aka PODCASTS, you don't know what you're missing. Podcasts have exploded in the last five years, stemming from the success of Apple's iPod.

You can listen and learn while you drive, work, relax or cook dinner. Most podcasts sound like radio talk shows, produced in series as downloadable digital audio files (video, too). Subscribe to a podcast and new installments will be automatically downloaded to your smart phone or computer. Again, podcast subscriptions are free.

Listed above are some drive-time gems. Subscribe to any podcast and enhance your understanding of virtually any subject that interests you. Literally thousands of downloadable shows are produced every week, from TED TALKS to NPR shows to self help to comedy to religion to music.

Simply google "podcasts" and a subject (for example "divorce podcasts") and you'll find many sources, including iTunes, the App Store, YouTube or individual websites. They have exploded all over the world wide web in the last five years.

Note: Be sure to delete the files periodically, as podcasts files tend to be larger than typical music files and will quickly fill up your device. And Remember .. don't believe everything you hear!

—Doug Kneller .. ifloridadivorce.com