thank you doug

“ .. I will continue to practice random kindness and enabling others to reach their goals. That is my definition of success. 

You, my friend, have been one of the most unique and uplifting individuals I've encountered in life thus far. I appreciate that and will take some of your knowledge without question."

thank you douglas

“ .. We are all doing much better than before. Thank you for helping me to calm down and face my fears. It was not as hard as I thought it would be."



“ .. Thank you for your wise counsel, guidance, protection and support for all these ‘too many’ years.”


“ .. I didn’t have the opportunity to speak with you at your office the other day. I wanted to thank you for everything you have done to help my daughter through this ordeal. Not only did you and Thérèse demonstrate your skills as highly effective attorneys, you handled Taylor with great sensitivity and compassion. I will be forever grateful. I thank you again. Namasté.”


dear mr. kneller ..

" .. The enormity of the impact of today's events is slowly sinking in. I'm still in shock, still recovering from Dan's energy. Your energy is a great buffer however. Your calm demeanor, your ability to focus on what's important, your kindness, and your sincere interest in the well-being of people make you an excellent lawyer. I'm grateful you are mine. Excellent work!"